We’re an ISP with a focus on satellite based connections serving mostly government and enterprise customers from all over the world. To provide our customers with the best possible connectivity we’re always open for new peerings. Our traffic ratio is mostly inbound.

Looking Glass

We are participating in the NLNOG RING network.
Use protocol NYNEX1 of the NLNOG RING Looking Glass to have a look at our view of the internet.
For active checks you can login to our NLNOG RING server (nynex01.ring.nlnog.net) or use RIPE Atlas Probe #21316.


You can find a list of our PoPs at http://as62023.peeringdb.com.

Peering Policy

Generally open. Just drop us an E-Mail.

NOC Contact Details

E-Mail: noc -@@- nynex.de

Phone: +49 6151 500 74 - 090

BGP Communities

Traffic engineering

The following communities can be set:

Community Action
62023:5YZZ0Do NOT announce
62023:5YZZ1Prepend once
62023:5YZZ2Prepend twice
62023:5YZZ3Prepend three times
62023:5YZZ9DO announce
Y ZZ ASN Description
0 - Any 00 - Only prepend, applied on import
1 - Upstream 00 - ANY
04 AS33891 Core-Backbone
05 AS48039 KGT new media
06 AS2914 NTT
2 - IXP 00 - ANY
01 AS6695 DE-CIX Frankfurt
3 - private peer 00 - ANY
01 AS6939 Hurricane Electric, Inc.
02 AS41692 OpenCarrier eG
03 AS2603 NORDUnet
04 AS20940 Akamai Technologies
05 AS13285 TalkTalk Communications Limited
06 AS60169 G-FIT Gesellschaft fuer innovative Telekommunikationsdienste mbH & Co. KG
07 AS42473 ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH
08 AS8657 PT Communications S.A.
09 AS3223 Voxility SRL
10 AS33873 arvato systems GmbH
11 AS35548 smartTERRA GmbH
12 AS714 Apple Inc.
13 AS32934 Facebook Inc.
14 AS12041 Afilias
15 AS42/AS3856 Packet Clearing House
16 AS47692 NESSUS GmbH
17 AS8741 ratiokontakt GmbH
18 AS46489 Twitch Interactive
19 AS8966 Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat)
20 AS15169 Google
22 AS13335 Cloudflare
23 AS32787 Akamai / Prolexic
25 AS197540 netcup GmbH
26 AS3856 Packet Clearing House
27 AS16276 OVH
28 AS24940 Hetzner Online
29 AS8551 Bezeq International
30 AS31500 GlobalNet ltd
31 AS16509 Amazon.com
32 AS6898 InternetONE.ch
33 AS10310 Yahoo!
34 AS47147 ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH
35 AS8359 Mobile TeleSystems PJSC
36 AS61098 Aekenes SA/Exascal
37 AS2818 BBC
39 AS59605 ZAIN
41 AS8881 1&1 Versatel Deutschland GmbH
42 AS8529 Omantel
6 - customer 00 - ANY
01 AS200519 fiberONE
05 AS133076 UA Telecom
62023:5000nPrepend n-times (1<=n<=3) to any
62023:5100nPrepend n-times (1<=n<=3) to any upstream
62023:5200nPrepend n-times (1<=n<=3) to any IXP
62023:51000Do not announce to any upstream
62023:53000Do not announce to any private peer
62023:56000Do not announce to any customer
62023:51010Do not announce via upstream 01

Route origin

On import we mark the source of each route according to RFC4384. e.g.:

62023:1customer route
62023:3internal route
62023:5special purpose route
62023:6upstream route

Additionally we set communities of the format 62023:60YZZ. With Y being the origin and ZZ the customer / IXP / upstream / peer as above. e.g.:

62023:60YZZLearned from ZZ of type Y
62023:60201Learned from DE-CIX
62023:60301Learned from Hurricane Electric
62023:60642Learned from customer 42


NYNEX satellite OHG
Robert-Bosch-Str. 20
64293 Darmstadt
Phone: +49 6151 500 74 - 0